Unlocking Global Infrastructure Finance

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Infrastructure financing will fall short of society’s needs by $15 trillion over the next 20 years.

Pontoro's Technology Vision Intends to Bridge the Infrastructure Financing Gap

Pontoro Inc., a private markets asset manager, is a venture-backed financial technology company creating an innovative digital asset platform that we believe will transform how clients invest in illiquid private markets funds.

Our Mission

Transform the current illiquid and opaque fund structure paradigm, so a wider spectrum of qualified investors can transact more openly, transparently, and meaningfully through our patented technology.

bank originators

Bank Originators

Curated Project LoansCurated Project Loans

Curated Project Loans

Bank Delevering

Pontoro will curate existing bank-originated loan assets onto our asset platform, freeing up banks' capital for new project finance loans.

Asset PoolAsset Pool

Asset Pool

Improving Access

Participants will receive access to a diversified pool of bank loan assets.

Competitive AllocationsCompetitive Allocations

Competitive Allocations

Price Discovery

Individual assets can then be selected from the pool through a competitive allocation process to tailor exposure.

Secondary TradingSecondary Trading

Secondary Trading

Asset Liquidity

Secondary trading leads to increased participation. Bi-lateral activity creates a flywheel of liquidity, greater access, and enhanced pricing.

Secondary TradingSecondary Trading


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