Unlocking Global Infrastructure Finance

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Infrastructure financing will fall short of society’s needs by $15 trillion over the next 20 years.

Pontoro's Technology Vision Intends to Bridge the Infrastructure Financing Gap

We will progressively enhance real assets on our institutional-grade asset platform.

bank originators

Bank Originators

Curated Project LoansCurated Project Loans

Curated Project Loans

Bank Delevering

Pontoro will curate existing bank-originated loan assets onto our asset platform, freeing up banks' capital for new project finance loans.

Asset PoolAsset Pool

Asset Pool

Improving Access

Participants will receive access to a diversified pool of bank loan assets.

Competitive AllocationsCompetitive Allocations

Competitive Allocations

Price Discovery

Individual assets can then be selected from the pool through a competitive allocation process to tailor exposure.

Secondary TradingSecondary Trading

Secondary Trading

Asset Liquidity

Secondary trading leads to increased participation. Bi-lateral activity creates a flywheel of liquidity, greater access, and enhanced pricing.

Secondary TradingSecondary Trading


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